Hot Dogs




Better known as the “Colombian Choripan” created in 2002 at the los perros kendall location, for those who do not know what choripan is Choripán is a type of sandwich with chorizo popular in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay. The name comes from the combination of the names of its ingredients: fry chorizo sausage and bread such as a marraqueta or baguette But like everything in Los Perros even the choripan was taken to another level including the chorizo ​​imported from Medellin Colombia, starting with the chorizo ​​which is imported directly from Medellin Colombia, the bread... speaking of bread .. We understand: Today’s bakery lexicon can be downright baffling. Our Locally Sourced artisan bread is baked daily with best quality ingredients, our sauces are crafted in our kitchen from scratch , after all that we add some Crunchiness with our hand-crushed potatoes chips for a perfect size and texture and on top finalized this magical plate with our signature pineapple sauce


The final touch

By adding any of our magical sauces